The Works Service

Deciding on what type of service to request for your vehicle can be a bit of a tough decision, especially for those not intimately familiar with the ins and outs of car and truck maintenance. So what is one to do? For the best range of service at a fair price, ask for The Works! This new service includes everything that you need for your Ford to run smoothly, and allows you to stop worrying about the health of your vehicle.

Why The Works? Because we run your Ford vehicle through an up-to 83-point inspection, leaving no common trouble spot unchecked. We monitor every belt, hose, and fluid in your vehicle, using nothing by genuine Motorcraft parts specially engineered by Ford, and we will also rotate and inspect all four of your tires, helping to maximize your gas mileage. And the best part? We provide you with a vehicle report card for your maintenance file, using simple green-yellow-red stoplight ratings so you can see the condition of your vehicle at a glance.

But what about vehicles that run on diesel? We’ve got you covered here, too! The Diesel Works, also available at Chilliwack Ford, is specially designed to help you keep your Ford Power Stroke Diesel engine in top shape, with service and maintenance provided by Ford Diesel-trained technicians.